Video Production by Photographer Lee Boswell

A video production company creates video content as part of a brand or business marketing strategy. They are responsible for every stage of video production from initial ideas through to exporting the final video. A video production company film a multitude of subjects including corporate promotional videos, conferences, events and awards. Corporate promotional videos are a great tool to promote your product or service. Short films are one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers and employees.

Getting across a message in a short video can be challenging. With over 20 years of photography experience, Lee Boswell Photography can assist with all stages of the film production process, from creating the initial concept to exporting the final video. They produce short commercial videos utilising the latest digital SLR cameras, gimbals, drones and sound recording equipment.

The video production procedure includes creating an initial idea and plan, scripting, scheduling, shooting and editing. Pre-production research offers a deeper insight into the business and its audience. A video production company then works with the client to discuss ideas and expectations for the video. The content is then recorded based upon the script. All the clips are then selected and edited to make the final cut.

Video production is one of the most creative ways to produce videos for multiple marketing purposes. With people spending more and more time scrolling through social media, promotional videos can attract people to your post and engage them with your content.

Video content has definitely taken over social media and is enabling businesses to help users understand their products and services. Video is proven to be the most effective way to increase engagement making it one of the most important forms of content for marketing. Video content will carry on growing and companies should bring in more video-based marketing material and broadcast it to their audience.