Cadent upgrade gas mains in Winsford, Commercial Photographer Cheshire

Commercial Photographer Winsford

A half day shoot photographing the hard working chaps at Cadent as they replaced 27,000 metres of old gas mains pipe in Winsford, Cheshire. The client required some commercial photography of their team working at the site to use in a press release and within internal literature.

The oringinal metal gas mains dates back to the 1940’s and needed to be replaced with plastic at a cost of £3.5 million. The work started in Winsford during the summer and is taking place in small pockets, with teams moving street to street and estate to estate over the course of about a year. The transformation of the network also ensures that Winsford can safely use hydrogen gas which is being produced from bio-gases from waste sites across Cheshire.

A tough job shooting in small excavated holes, at least it wasn’t raining though!

The images were used by The Winsford Guardian.