Architectural and Property Photographer Lee Boswell

Property photographers or architectural photographers are artistic professionals who shoot high quality images of commercial and residential property. They work for estate agents, home builders, architects and landlords, supplying a mixture of wide angle and detail shots to demonstrate the quality of their property.

Property photographers can assist with the staging of houses and commercial premises before they are photographed. Working through a shot list, property photographers shoot both the interior and exterior of buildings. They utilise natural daylight, flash and often both to capture the building in the best possible way.

Lee Boswell Photography have over twenty years of experience photographing apartments, luxury homes, and commercial properties. They provide professional property photography, 360 virtual tours and drone photography to ensure your property looks its best in a highly competitive market. Exterior photographs emphasise and showcase the architectural structure of your building. Utilising online calculations, the angle and position of the sun can be predicted to suggest the best possible time and day to photograph the outside. For interior photographs, they work with ambient light and sometimes mix ambient light with flash to fill harsh shadows and illuminate the room. Lee’s Interior photography captures the different design elements of the property and showcases the ambience of the room. Drone photographs of property add a completely different perspective of the building. They can capture attention utilising an unusual vantage point and showcase the scale and surrounding environment. Virtual tours take potential customers on a guided tour of your building. They offer a 360 view and show every aspect of your property in a highly immersive way.

The recent demand for Airbnb holiday lets has led to hosts hiring professional property photographers to provide images that make their property jump out from the page. Wide angle photographs help to show every aspect of the property and a combination of flash and ambient light add a pop of colour. Hosts who use professional property photographs tend to increase their earnings by 40% and increase bookings by 24% compared to other listings.

You have an amazing property and it is time to show potential customers through the door. Grab their attention and use professional property photographs to secure their interest. Showcase your property with outstanding imagery that enable you to stand out from the crowd.