Product Photographer Lee Boswell

In today’s highly competitive digital world, product presentation is essential for driving sales. If your product photography does not pop from the screen, customers will quickly move on to another site.

Product photography is essentially commercial still life photography. Product photographers set up lighting, style the items and compose different arrangements to create a high-quality product photograph. Product photographs are usually used for ecommerce purposes or to demonstrate the item in use.

The main form of product photography is packshot photography which shows the object straight on. Usually taken on a white background to minimise distractions, these images are used on ecommerce websites and listings on online stores such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Product photographs are usually taken with electronic studio flash and utilise light modifiers such as softboxes to ensure consistency.

Lifestyle product photographs give customers a better idea of how a product is used and demonstrate how they can use it in their daily lives. Sometimes models are incorporated to help illustrate the product in use. Different angles are captured to keep the focus and attention on the product. Natural light can sometimes be utilised for lifestyle product photography as well as studio flash. It can evenly and naturally light your scene giving it an authentic look.

Lee Boswell Photography are experienced product photographers and understand the importance of showcasing your items in the best light possible. With a focus on exceptional service and quality, they deliver images that truly stand out. Items can be shipped to be photographed in-studio or you can oversee the photography at your premises. Onsite shoots are very popular as they allow clients to have an input into the final layout.

Great product photography can really boost sales and help your products fly off the shelves.