Professional PR Photographer Lee Boswell

Are you looking for a PR Photographer who can capture a striking image that can be sold into local or national media? Do you require a set of commercial photographs with a punchy news angle for your client’s internal publications? The combination of a captivating PR photograph to go along with your well written press release is guaranteed to increase your hit rate in gaining coverage in newspapers, magazines, and social media. Lee Boswell is a professional press photographer trained with the NCTJ with over 20 years’ experience working with PR agencies, regional media and national titles.

A great PR photograph can be worth more than a thousand words. Creative PR photographs can lift a story from a couple of paragraphs to half a page of coverage. Through social media interaction and newspaper and magazine coverage, your client’s profile can be raised in an organic way.

In the absence of an interesting PR photograph a business’s story is unlikely to be picked up and used. Without the benefit of paid for advertisement space, a story needs to be interesting as news. Both the clients and publications requirements need to be met with a with a well-crafted photograph. Pop up banners and over use of branding should be avoided.

Lee is accustomed to working to tight deadlines and can turn images around quickly with the minimum of fuss. Schedules are important and he understands how important your time is. He always arrives well before a shoot to make sure everything goes according to plan so you can get back to your day-to-day work. Images can be shot in a variety of locations from a photographic studio to a client’s regular site of work. Images are usually turned around within 24 hours but can also be delivered immediately from location if required (by prior arrangement).

It really can pay dividends to have your PR photographs taken by a professional photographer with years of press experience. If your images look unprofessional or are of poor quality, it will reflect badly on your business. A PR photography shoot can add real value to your business, especially if you use it to generate a bank of promotional images which can be used across multiple content platforms.