Professional Portrait Photographer Lee Boswell

Portrait photography, also referred to as portraiture, is a type of photography which shows a person’s identity, personality, or story. Portraits can range in style from clean, professional, practical, highly stylized or dramatic and a modern looking portrait puts the focus on you.

Portrait photography can be used in a manner of ways. They can be used to add a human face to a business, to illustrate a news story or commemorate a milestone in somebody’s life. A portrait of a company director may try to convey a feeling of expertise, trust, and professionalism while a portrait of an actor might express the range of emotions they can demonstrate.

Portrait photography can be shot using studio flash or natural light to capture each person’s character and personality. Expert lighting and guidance during your portrait shoot ensure the very best results. Post production is applied to your portraits and blemishes and imperfections are removed.

Conventional portraits can be shot in a studio against a traditional backdrop and help people to look their best. lifestyle portraits capture people in their everyday environment and resemble real life. The surroundings and the person both have importance.

Portrait photographers capture their subject’s inner confidence and sentiment, demonstrating their life and passions. An important component of portrait photography is understanding how to pose a subject while helping them look natural and comfortable. Lee Boswell Photography put people at ease with a friendly manner to help ensure the best results are obtained from each shoot. Portrait photographs can be used in a formal manner but it does not mean the process of capturing them has to be.