Industrial Photographer and Construction Photographer Lee Boswell

Industrial photographers take images of people working, equipment, products and machinery. The photographs can then be used for marketing, on websites and for progress reports. With a target audience that is very technically minded, industrial photographs need to show all the aspects which demonstrate the benefits of the product or service.

Lee Boswell Photography have a vast experience of working in industrial locations such as construction sites, assembly lines, factories, warehousing, mines, airports and energy facilities including renewables and fossil fuels. Travelling to sites across the UK, they capture industrial processes for clients varying in size.

Industrial companies require photographs of their operations and as technology and automation develops, the need for these images has only increased. Industrial photography is important because it captures the technology, innovation and hard work that happens behind the scenes. Industrial photography can show all the interesting things your company does that most people are not even aware of.

Lee Boswell Photography can also provide construction photography that includes site investigation, groundworks, building construction and handover. Lighting and composition are very important to construction photographers and requires technical photography skills and creative talent. Working around your existing schedule, real people are photographed in real locations. Construction Photography can become one of the most important marketing assets at your disposal. Creating a bank of great images will make your marketing more effective so when the need arises, they are there ready to use.

Drone imagery can be provided and is a great way to showcase the scale of your project in a way that is not possible from the ground. A drone weighing less than 250g is used and can become airborne very quickly. There are also no specific obligations to fly a certain distance away from property. All operator ID details are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority.

Lee Boswell Photography endeavour to ensure that all people in the images are wearing the appropriate safety equipment. They work diligently to try and ensure that all people performing tasks are correctly wearing PPE such as gloves, helmets, jackets, hair nets etc. It is easy for this to be overlooked, even by the company, but can result in the photographs being rejected.

When working on site, they also ensure they are correctly wearing any necessary safety equipment. They carry a kitbag containing a Hi Vis vest, coat, trousers, helmet, gloves, safety glasses, safety shoes and steel toe cap boots. They will of course wear any further task specific safety equipment where required. All equipment is battery powered so no power on site is required and no trip hazards are caused by trailing cables.

Risk Assessments and Method Statements are always available for their work. They liaise with site managers and workers on site to ensure compliance with all health and safety procedures. They do not take risks with their safety or your teams and can be trusted to work safely in a multitude of locations.