Professional Healthcare Photographer Lee Boswell

Healthcare companies require imagery that highlights the important work that they do and captures the services they provide. Utilising real staff and patients in healthcare photography is one of the best ways of promoting the treatments and services that are available. A modern environment and exemplary attitude of staff can be displayed through well executed healthcare photography before patients have even stepped through the door.

Providing professional healthcare photographs in a clinical surrounding can be challenging as they pose a busy and time sensitive environment. Hospitals, surgeries, practises and other healthcare settings are all active working spaces.

Providing photography for both public and private sectors, healthcare photographers are experienced in shooting on location in hospitals, surgeries, dental practises and care homes. Their skills put staff, patients and service users at ease to ensure images are relaxed and natural. An unobtrusive presence is maintained to ensure the workings of a busy environment is not interrupted. Healthcare photographers provide patient-focused photography for NHS Trusts, professional bodies and pharmaceutical companies which are used for communications, annual reports, brochures, websites, posters, social media and image libraries.

Lee Boswell Photography are sensitive to the needs of both clients and their patients. Utilising a documentary approach, they capture authentic moments that convey the genuine emotion and human side of healthcare. Working within such sensitive and confidential areas, a professional conduct is important at all times. Healthcare photography is provided with the utmost of tact and competence. Creative images are efficiently provided whist working safely and maintaining the welfare of those around them. An enhanced DBS certificate demonstrates you are recruiting suitable people into your organisation.

Captivating healthcare photography displays you are a high-quality healthcare provider that is dedicated to patient outcomes.