Headshot Photographer Lee Boswell

In today’s world, the need for good headshots and social media images is huge and continues to grow. When it comes to a great headshot, what each person requires is something that communicates their talent and personality.

Headshot photography for professionals and business people convey professionalism and credibility. Your goal is to make an impression and a great headshot tells the whole world who you are. Whether you run a small business or are part of a large corporate team, headshots can be an integral part of your success.

Corporate headshots are today’s digital business cards. They introduce who you are and help you to grow your business and career. Headshots are taken on location at your office or premises. They are a quick and convenient way to upgrade your personal or company image and create a sleek and standardised look.

Lee Boswell Photography offer headshot images for directors, senior management teams and business owners which are perfect for Marketing, PR and LinkedIn. Creative headshots help you stand out whether you are an employee, business owner, celebrity or actor.

A high-quality headshot on LinkedIn will give you the edge. Profiles with a professional headshot photograph get over 14 times more views. Use a professional headshot photographer to help you stand out amongst your peers and support your career.

Great headshots are essential for actors and performers to sell themselves to casting directors. Personality and unique qualities can be expressed in a headshot in a way that cannot be summarised through any other form of visual communication. In the competitive world of acting, your headshot needs to stand out.

Headshot photography can use studio flash or natural light to capture each person’s essence and help further their careers. Expert lighting and guidance during your headshot photography shoot can help you to secure that job promotion or close a deal with a new client. The numbers of photographs sent to you are not restricted so you will receive a good selection of edited, high-resolution photographs with a range of expressions. Post production is applied to your headshot to showcase the best version of you. Blemishes and the odd stray hair are removed without going over the top so that the real you can still shine through.

A modern looking headshot puts the focus on you and helps differentiate you from the crowd. If you are visible online, you need a standout image.