Corporate Event Photographer Lee Boswell

Photography at events helps to capture the fun, lasting moments and special memories of your event. Discretion is key and requires an event photographer to be constantly aware of their surroundings and to capture the key moments without disturbing guests. Event photography coverage can range from small drink receptions and celebrations, round tables, multi-day conferences and large black-tie dinners.

Preparation is key when photographing a corporate event and research regarding who the key attendees are, what the event is about, the schedule and the locations of specific activities is essential. A shot list is a great tool which ensures all the key aspects are covered. Bright clothing colours are distracting so event photographers usually wear something neutral, usually black. Formal group shots require the photographer to introduce themselves, ask permission and arrange people to compose the image.

Lee uses two camera bodies with attached lenses and flashes to photograph events. This prevents the need to constantly switch camera lenses which avoids any unnecessary delay in photographing your guests. Punctuality is essential for event photographers and a start time approximately 30 minutes before the arrival of your guests is ideal to take pre-event setup shots of the room setup, tables, awards, table plan, drinks etc.

Action photographs at an event can make stand out shots. Lee’s experience, discretion and alertness are key to capturing the decisive moment. A gallery of images can be put together containing images that are dynamic on composition, well lit, high quality and engaging. A reportage style allows real and uncontrived coverage of events.

Utilising 20 years of experience of event photography, images shot by Lee Boswell Photography can vary from candid images of the event unfolding to taking posed shots of guests. Hiring a professional event photographer is one of the best ways to ensure your event is successful.