Professional Editorial Photographer Lee Boswell

Editorial photographers supply images that illustrate an article in a publication or online post. Editorial photography is different to commercial photography as there is usually an element of storytelling to it. Shoots can be candid or staged and require creative planning and preparation to be executed properly.

Editorial photography shoots can be used to highlight a variety of subject matters including people, property, fashion and food. Often the in-between moments of a shoot can render the very best editorial photographs.

Lee Boswell is a photographer with photojournalism training and over 20 years’ experience working with editorial clients and publications. Following a long-established career working in press photography, a plethora of experience has been gained photographing a multitude of disciplines that fall under the umbrella of editorial photography.

The beauty of editorial photography is almost any subject can be photographed in a more natural editorial style and highlight the subjects’ interests and personality. Shoots are ‘shot to style’ and tailored to each specific client, person, product and story. A shoot for a financial publication will be very different in style to a studio shoot for a teen fashion brand.

Conversations before and during a shoot can reveal a subject’s character and persona. Location research, brainstorming of ideas, acquiring props and packing the correct equipment are all important aspects of editorial photography. The stories and narratives are always kept at the forefront of the shoot with the main goal being that the imagery is an extension of it.

An editorial photographer needs to have backup plans in place and be able to think on their feet if there are any issues during the shoot. Respect is always given to the time, space and environment of the people being photographed. Lee’s friendly approach to shoots puts his subjects at ease.