Professional Drone Photographer Lee Boswell

The use of drone photography has become increasingly popular with the ability to capture stunning images from a rarely seen vantage point. Drone Photography has opened up a new avenue for visual documentation and creative illustration. Drones can offer a view from a position completely inaccessible form the ground. This allows for more creative and dynamic visuals that can really make your project stand out.

Lee Boswell Photography have the skills, experience, and knowledge to safely carry out a full range of commercial drone photography assignments. Some of the commissions for drone photography include property, land, construction site progress, completed architectural projects, events and group photographs. Drone photography is possible in urban areas as our drone weighs less than 250g so there are no specific obligations to fly a certain distance away from property. All our operator ID details are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority.

Drone photography is a cost-effective way of showcasing the scale of your project. Drone photography is highly efficient which is useful for large projects that require a lot of imagery to be captured quickly. Our drone can be set up and be airborne in a matter of minutes. Drone photography can be used to capture images from a safe distance which can be particularly useful in harsh or dangerous environments. Drones can also eliminate the need to work from height using equipment such as scissor lifts or cherry pickers.

If you are looking for photographs that provide a unique perspective on your project then consider using drone photography to provide images from another level.