Crewe Photographer Lee Boswell

Lee Boswell is a highly creative professional photographer who is ideally situated to undertake photographic commissions across Crewe. With over 20 years’ experience as a commercial photographer in Crewe, working with editorial, public relations, commercial and industrial clients, creative images are guaranteed.

Crewe is a railway town situated in Cheshire East and is an ideal location to provide a photography service. A large proportion of photography in Crewe takes place in the town centre but also in the areas of Coppenhall Moss, Leighton, Woolstanwood, Willaston, Shavington, Weston, Haslington, Winterley, Maw Green, Sydney and Barthomley.

Some of the photography services provided across Crewe include:

Editorial photography in Crewe

Editorial photography is provided throughout Crewe for publications to illustrate a story. Lee Boswell Photography have photojournalism training and over 20 years’ experience of providing editorial photography in Crewe.

PR photography in Crewe

Are you looking for a PR photographer in Crewe who can capture striking images that can be sold into local and national media? The combination of a captivating PR photograph along with a well written press release is guaranteed to increase your coverage in newspapers, magazines and social media. Lee Boswell Photography work to tight deadlines and turn around images quickly so you can add real value to your business.

Headshot photography in Crewe

Communicate your talent and personality and convey professionalism and credibility with a professional headshot photograph. Headshot photographs are provided throughout Crewe to directors, business owners and senior management teams at some of the major office locations including The Municipal Building Annexe, Crewe Business Park and Allumbrook Barns.

Corporate photography in Crewe

Show your business in Crewe is competent and credible with professional corporate photography. Professional corporate photography can give you the opportunity to form a bond with potential clients before you have even met.

Commercial photography in Crewe

Lee Boswell Photography are commercial photographers in Crewe who photograph products and services in a particular way to catch the attention of the viewer. Represent your company’s image with high quality commercial photography and bring in more revenue for your business.

Portrait photography in Crewe

Portrait photography can be used to add a human face to a business, to illustrate a story or commemorate a significant moment in somebody’s life. A modern looking portrait puts the focus on you and demonstrates your inner confidence and sentiment.

Conference photography in Crewe

Conference photography tells a story and illustrates the events of the day, capturing the process of delegates learning, networking and the stories that unfold. Lee Boswell Photography blend in seamlessly to avoid causing distractions and provide conference photography in Crewe at some of the main conference venues including Crewe Hall Hotel and Holiday Inn Express.

Event photography in Crewe

Lee Boswell Photography provide event photography in Crewe which ranges from small drinks receptions, black-tie dinners and multi-day conferences. Capture the true fun and lasting memories of your event with professional event photography.

Drone photography in Crewe

Drone photography can offer a view from a position completely inaccessible from the ground. Lee Boswell Photography have the skills, experience and knowledge to safely carry out drone photography assignments. Make your project or development stand out with drone photography in Crewe.

Industrial photography in Crewe

Do you require industrial photography in Crewe of people working, equipment, products or machinery? Industrial photography can be provided in locations including construction sites, assembly lines, factories, warehouses, mines, airports and energy facilities. Lee Boswell Photography work safely to capture the technology, innovation and hard work that happens behind the scenes.

Product photography in Crewe

Make the photographs of your products pop from the screen by using a professional product photographer in Crewe. Great product photography can be used to really drive sales and great product presentation is essential.

Healthcare photography in Crewe

Lee Boswell Photography provide healthcare photography in Crewe for NHS Trusts, professional bodies, surgeries and care homes. Staff, patients and service users are put at ease whilst highlighting the important work that they do.

Education photography in Crewe

Show potential pupils, students and parents the dynamic environment you provide and make a great first impression. Raise confidence, attract students and demonstrate the benefits of enrolling at your establishment by using an education photographer in Crewe.

Property photography in Crewe

Lee Boswell Photography are architectural photographers and property photographers in Crewe who work for estate agents, home builders, architects and landlords. They shoot images to help show potential customers how amazing your property is and enable it to stand out from the crowd.

360 virtual tour photography Crewe

Give your customers a complete 360-degree view of your property by using a 360 virtual tour photographer in Crewe. Users can look up, down, left and right as well as zooming in and out on specific areas of interest. Be one of the first in Crewe to utilise a 360 virtual tour and stand out from the competition.

Video production in Crewe

Lee Boswell Photography provide video production in Crewe, creating video content for corporate promotion videos, conferences, events and awards. Video production is one of the most creative ways to produce videos for multiple marketing purposes.