Conference Photographer Lee Boswell

Conference photographers tell a story and show the events of the day. Having great photographs of your conference is one of the most powerful ways to enhance your brand image. The benefit of conference photography goes beyond the day of the event and is a photographic record demonstrating the full experience provided.

Conference photographers work in a specialist area that requires skill, precision, a steady hand and an eye for detail. They capture delegates arriving at registration, keynote speeches, networking and sponsors. They need to have extensive knowledge working for conference producers and marketing departments and cover the entire event from start to finish.

A conference photographer should blend in seamlessly and avoid attracting attention and being noticed. Delegates should be captured in their most authentic moments, absorbed in the presentations, conversing with colleagues and enjoying the essence of the day. The style of conference photography is usually natural candid images with some formal group shots when required. The images should show a variety of scales including wide shots to show how many people were in attendance, tight shots of presenters at the lectern and close-up detail shots of any branded items. The conference venue should be photographed before the arrival of delegates to show the event before, during and after.

Lee Boswell Photography have a wealth of experience photographing a wide range of conferences including medical, housing, finance and property. They use the latest digital cameras and use equipment that is small and unobtrusive. Mirrorless cameras are used that have truly silent shooting modes. This eliminates any shutter noise and stops any sound distractions. Where possible, conferences are photographed using available light to avoid any disruption caused by flash. When the lighting is poor, flash is used as minimally as possible. By prior arrangement, a selection of images can be delivered on site for your social media feed.

Conference photography can help attendees get an idea of ​​what an event will be like and help convince them to attend. The images allow you to create marketing material to promote future events and attract potential attendees and sponsors. Conference photography can be used for promoting websites, attracting sponsors and delegates, post-event reports, advertising and social media. A good selection of conference photographs can be used to demonstrate to sponsors that the event was a success and to showcase how widely their brand was seen.

Conference photography isn’t just about creating a record of your event. It is about capturing the process of delegates gaining knowledge, the action of networking, and the stories that unfold.