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Lee's training in photography began in 1996 when he studied GCSE photography and then later A-Level Photography at Ridge Danyers College, Cheadle. He gained an A* in the subject at both levels before enrolling on the widely renowned NCTJ Press Photography Course at Norton College, Sheffield. Lee won the NCTJ best sports photograph 2001 during his studies in Sheffield. He then went on to be runner-up in The Observer Sport Monthly Student Sports Photographer of The Year 2001 and The Times Tobasco Young Photographer of the Year 2002.




Lee has worked as a full time professional photographer since 2001 when he joined The Barnsley Chronicle at the age of 19, he hasn't really done anything else! Lee worked for Yorkshire's best selling weekly newspaper for five years before turning freelance in Manchester in 2006. Quickly establishing a reputation for his press and editorial work, Lee freelanced for The Manchester Evening News until 2012. He now provides images for PR and commercial clients throughout the North West.




Lee is comfortable working in a variety of scenarios, regularly working on site for clients or from a studio. He is experienced in working to tight and pressured deadlines, often sending images from Location. Lee can also produce short video clips for social media use.


Photographer Lee Boswell


Some recent examples of some of the PR, commercial, industrial, event and education photography we have been commissioned for.


An average session with Hawthorne typically ranges between $2,000 and $5,000. For more detailed pricing information, please fill out our contact form.


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"Lee is an experienced and knowledgable photographer who we use regularly. His images are both creative and of a high quality. I would have no hesitation to recommend him." Rob McGinnes, Hive Architects Studio.

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