360 Virtual Tour Photographer Lee Boswell

Why show just images to customers when you can give them a full experience! Virtual tours give a complete 360-degree view of a property and create an immersive experience as if they were there in person, all without ever stepping foot outside of their own home. 360 virtual tours allow the user to look up, down, left and right as well as zooming in and out on specific areas of interest. Hotspots allow the user to move around the building from room to room.

A 360 virtual tour is an essential tool to sell or promote your property. Potential customers want to shop around and see what is on offer. With a 360 virtual tour you can give them virtual access to your building around the clock, even when you are unavailable. Gain an advantage over your competitors by being able to show your clientele what you have to offer, 24/7.

Lee Boswell Photography provide virtual tours optimised for all devices. Over 50% of tours are viewed on a mobile device. Whether viewed on a small screen or a large one, users are guaranteed to enjoy your 360 content. As well as mobile devices, 360 virtual tours can be viewed in virtual reality utilising a VR headset. 360 virtual tours can be used to view homes, offices, hotels, event spaces and education facilities. Virtual tours engage your audience with the use of labels, hotspots, custom patches, interactive cards and floor plans.

The cost of a virtual tours is very much dependant on the size and layout of the building. More scan points will be needed if the building is large or the layout is complex. Images are captured using a 360-degree camera mounted on a tripod from strategic locations throughout the building. This process is completed in a few hours and worked around your business schedule to minimise any disruption. A virtual picture is then rendered of the site by stitching the photographs together. Making a virtual tour is labour intensive and takes many hours to produce. Most of the work is done offsite after the shoot has taken place.

Businesses that offer a virtual tour have higher customer engagement. Users spend more time on your site with a higher clickthrough rate. This can lead to more customer enquiries and improvements to your Search Engine Optimisation. 360 virtual tours can lead to an increase in sales, drive return visits to your site and encourage actual footfall through your door.

360 virtual tours are still relatively new. As a result, not many small businesses are using them. Virtual tours are becoming an essential marketing tool to have at your disposal. Be the first in your area to utilise this valuable opportunity and make sure your business stands out from your competitors. Enhance your customers experience with a 360 Virtual tour that withstands the test of time.